• A Ondego rental is personal.
  • You are responsible for the power bank from when you pick it up from a station until you have delivered back to a station.
  • Use with care.

Ondego Power bank is developed and operated by Ondego AS. To start using the power banks, you must start a rental, and register with a valid telephone number and have a payment card on file. The service works as described in the homepage of Ondego. By this, you enter into an agreement with Ondego AS: This Agreement (the "Agreement") governs the use of the Ondego app ("Ondego AS" or "the App”). The seller is Ondego AS, post@ondego.no, Møllergata 37, 0179 Oslo NO, +4 7 9 0 2 7 4 0 9 1, Organisation number 923 138 625, and is designated in the following as the “Seller”, "the Company", "we", "our" or "us", which is subject to the following terms and conditions for purchase, use and privacy:

How Ondego Power bank works

1.1 Ondego Power bank offers bicycles for personal use in Oslo. The power banks are available in power bank stations at various locations in the city and are to be placed back in such a station at the end of the trip. Overview of available stations can be found on the Ondego Power bank website and in the system app (available for iPhone and Android).

1.2 To access the Ondego power bank system, you must register a phone number, and other information required at any time, an active payment card and purchase a valid product.

1.3 Registration and purchase are to be made on our website or in our app. You can also activate a product by redeeming a value code.

1.4 A product provides full access to the service during the products period. The type of products that are available for sale, including different prices and duration, may vary.

1.5 An active product allows users to unlock power banks using the app or on the display at the stations.

1.6 You can always return a power bank, even when the system is closed for borrowing power banks.

1.7 You may terminate the use of the service at any time and delete your registered personal information.

1.8 Ondego Power bank will give you the opportunity to use the Ondego Power bank app and the stations to find and use a Ondego power bank if there are any available. All accessibility can be found in the Ondego app. As there is a limited number of bicycles, Ondego Power bank cannot guarantee that there is a power bank within a distance that is convenient for you or that you will find a Ondego power bank at all.


2.1 You and Ondego power bank are the only parties to this agreement. You are the sole user of the service. For this reason, you should not lend the Ondego power bank, user account or personal code to others. If you lose/have your mobile phone or credit card stolen, or enter the wrong personal code when you try to unlock a power bank you must report it immediately to post@ondego.no.


3.1 You must be 13 years or older to use Ondego power bank. 

3.2 The products are personal and cannot be transferred or resold. This includes sharing login details for the app.

3.3 You can only have one active product at a time.

3.4 You can only be logged in to one app/unit at a time.

3.5 You can only take one power bank at a time.

3.6 The rental period starts by scanning the QR code at the charging station and accepting pricing in the App to unlock the power bank. If you become aware of damage, lack of battery capacity or other problems, do not use the power bank and notify us as soon as possible, cf. section 3.3.

3.7 The rental period lasts from activation until the power bank is returned in accordance with this point. Return of the power bank is done by placing the power bank back in a free slot in the charging station and checking that the power bank is locked. You will then receive confirmation in the App that the rental has ended.

3.8 If the power bank is lost, damaged or for any other reason it is not possible to return the power bank in accordance with clauses 3.4 and before the expiry of the maximum rental period, your debit card will be charged according to the current price list for the rental period and the replacement of the power bank.

3.9 Power bank rental is charged in intervals during the rental period according to the current price list.

3.10 At the start of a rental period, we will reserve an amount on your debit card as security for your payment according to the current price list. The current price list can be found under FAQ in the Ondego AS App. If you return the power bank before the expiry of the maximum rental period, you will only be charged for the actual rental period.

3.11 If you wish to keep the power bank after use, you may not return the power bank as required. In that case, your debit card will automatically be charged to the power bank according to the current price list at the end of the maximum rental period. See the price list for more information. Price per minute during the rental period counts as well. 

3.12 If there is no cover on the debit card registered in the App, we reserve the right to suspend further use of our services until payment has been made. In such cases, we may also have to claim missing payment(s) through invoice. In that case, an invoice and administration fee of NOK 125 will be charged.


4.1 You are responsible for entering and updating the information related to your profile.

4.2 The power banks are put out in good condition and are frequently controlled and maintained, but it may still be possible to find a defective power bank in the station. You are personally responsible to check if the power bank is in proper condition before you use it. Ondego Power bank is not responsible for damage that occurs due to a defective power bank that you intentionally or negligently use. We ask you to contact us through the app, chat or email post@ondego.no if you discover major damage to the power bank you have just checked out.

4.3 You must perform a basic safety check of the Ondego power bank before using it. This is done with a visual check of the functionality. Do not use the power bank if there are any noticeable problems (such as visible damage to cables, plastic, or other.) If you discover such problems with the power bank, do not use it. Report the damage via the app. Then you help every Ondego power bank user.


5.1 You are not allowed to resell your rental or value code to any third-party. Unless you have a written agreement.

5.2 Any detections of resale of the service will be handled as a violation of terms and Ondego AS will notify that you are banned from further use and any consequences this entails.

Late delivery

6.1 Upon late delivery of the power bank, you will receive a warning. Warnings are sent via push notifications to your phone number and are visible in the app.

Loss of power bank

7.1 After use, you must return the Ondego power bank to one of Ondego Power bank's stations. If the power bank is not placed correctly, you are liable if the power bank is stolen. You secure the power bank by placing the power bank’s nose into the station, and a small datachip will tell the system that the power bank is returned. You get a confirmation on the panel by the slot and in the app on your phone, but please take the time to check if the power bank is looked properly.

Please assure that you have received a confirmation in the app that the power bank is delivered and registered as returned. The app should say: "The power bank is returned" together with "Thanks for the charge", the start and ending station, the time you spent on the power bank and the total spend.

7.2 If the power bank gets lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, and thus is not available for other members to use, you will be held liable. If a lost power bank is not returned within 3 days, you will receive an invoice of NOK 300 to replace the lost power bank, even though the power bank turns up later. 

7.3 If you are under 18 years of age, the guardian is liable for damages.


8.1 Ondego Power bank reserves the right to charge directly from your credit/debit card when you buy a product, exceed the included rental period or have an active ongoing rental.

8.2 You confirm that you are authorized to use the credit or debit card you provide. You authorize that Ondego Power bank may charge the stated credit card, debit card with the fees you have incurred in connection with your use of the service, as described in this agreement.

8.3 Payments to us are made through a third party provider of payment solutions. We are not responsible for the payment process or any costs associated with such third parties.

8.4 To dispute any fees or charges that Ondego Power bank may charge you, you must contact Ondego Power bank within a reasonable time from the date of the disputed fee, and provide Ondego with all information Ondego deems necessary.

8.5 Any outstanding payment for the use of a Ondego power bank or a fee imposed on the basis of this agreement will be made by us using the payment method described. However, if the payment cannot be made due to circumstances within your control (error on credit card number, change of credit card without notice or the like), Ondego Power bank reserves the right to charge payment cards directly when this information is updated.


As the service begins with your expressed prior consent, you will not have a statutory cancellation right for the purchase, cf. Section 22, c.

Duration and termination

9.1. The agreement is valid as long as we offer Ondego AS. We may terminate the Agreement with immediate effect if we have reason to believe that you are acting in breach of any provision of the Agreement or otherwise are abusing Ondego AS. The same applies if you have not used our services for the past 24 months. 

9.2. You may terminate this Agreement at any time by contacting us at post@ondego.no.

Misuse of the service

10.1 In the event of abuse of the service, Ondego may permanently block your access to Ondego App.


When you purchase a product from Ondego Power bank, Ondego AS will process personal data about you. Please see our privacy policy, which regulates our processing of your personal data.

Value code

Thank you for sharing the joy of charging with someone you care about! Please read our value code terms and conditions carefully before you proceed to payment.

eller: Ondego AS, org.nr. 923 138 625. The Seller’s main activity is operation of Ondego Power banks.

Buyer: The one who buys/earns the value code from Ondego.

Receiver: The person who redeems the value code. The Receiver must accept terms of use when redeeming the code, including be 13 year of age.

11.1 Per 2020, the value of the value code is per hour of use. 

11.2 The Receiver must redeem the code and, if necessary, register as a member of Ondego.

11.3 The value code cannot be traded for cash.

11.4 The value code cannot be returned or cancelled after purchase, and the Buyer agrees that this agreement is fulfilled by both parts so that the rules about withdrawal after remote sales of financial services is not applicable. For more information, see Law on Information and Withdrawal after remote sales and sales outside of fixed business premises (Consumer law) (implementing EU Directive 2011/83/EU on consumer rights) (Chapter 1, Section 2). (Only in Norwegian).

The Receiver has to agree to our general terms and conditions above.

If you have any questions, please contact us at post@ondego.no

Happy charging!

Updated: 18.01.2020

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